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Glass skin facial

The ultimate anti-aging treatment WITHOUT harming/wounding the skin. It’s an instant pick-me-up with immediate lifting/tightening and brightening, wrinkle reducing results AND it will stimulate collagen production for 30 days.

All this without any downtime! This facial combines our Osmosis Infusion facial with DMK enzyme therapy. It's an absolute must-do before any special event.

Book now under SKIN REVISION SERVICES. $365 (135 minutes of treatment time)

Please note: You must be a regular client before booking this service and have had either an Osmosis Infusion or an enzyme treatment done prior to receiving this service. Or, reach out to us for a consultation to book.

Osmosis Infusion

The Osmosis Infusion “Non-peel” peel is an outstanding facial for anyone looking to maintain or improve a good anti-aging regimen/program.

This facial can treat conditions like sun damage, wrinkles, sagging, dull/passive skin, sensitive skin, breakouts and severe dryness.

The treatment will be customized to your specific skin needs. Mixed fresh for YOU right in the treatment room and then infused into the skin with Osmosis’ unique micro channeling device.

This treatment stays active in the skin for 4 days and promotes collagen for up to 30 days.

Book your Osmosis Infusion Facial today! $235 (75 minutes)

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