Time to get your summer glow on!

Ironically, your summer glow is all about managing the amount of sun exposure your skin receives. Getting tanned might seem like a good idea in the moment (we all want that sun kissed look!) but there are way better and healthier ways to achieve that than to overexpose your skin with damaging UV rays.

Today, sunless tanners are amazing and easy to use and SO MUCH better for your skin than the harmful UV rays. If you are not a fan of sunless tanners, sunscreens today and bronzing makeup can create a flawless, sun-kissed summer look as well.  Below is a step-by-step guide to getting your perfect summer glow. 

PROTECT YOUR SKIN EVERY DAY during the summer. Use SPF 50 or higher on a daily basis, but make sure to properly clean it off when the day is done. I suggest cleaning your skin twice to make sure you really get all of the SPF off. Most of SPF products are designed to block the surface of your skin and are often waterproof, which can make it hard for the normal rinse to get all of it off in one go. If residues are left on the skin, it will clog or block other active products/ingredients from nourishing the skin and heal it during the night. It also can lead to clogged pores and breakouts.

USING THE RIGHT SERUM under your SPF during the day is a must. When using SPF, you are eliminating product penetration, so it’s a good idea to use a great serum UNDER your SPF to keep the skin hydrated and happy. Any antioxidant serum with hyaluronic acid is great. Apply it a couple of minutes before applying your SPF. 

Stay away from any glycolic acid serums or very highly concentrated vitamin C serums under your SPF. Those can irritate the skin when exposed to the sun (even if you are wearing SPF) and can cause hyperpigmentation or unnecessary irritated skin.

EXFOLIATE. Due to the higher risk of clogging your pores due to sunscreen, it’s a great idea to be serious about exfoliating. Do it at least twice a week followed by a hydrating mask. As we sweat during the summer, and despite the fact that our skin seems way less dry than during the winter, the skin can actually get super dehydrated from sweating and wearing sunscreen nonstop. Saltwater and pool water take an additional toll on your skin's hydration. The summer can be difficult on our skin and it’s important to show it a little love during those months. Get your facial booked to unclog your pores and rehydrate your skin's surface, while also healing and providing anti-aging nutrients to the deeper layers. A cooling, healing mask works wonders too on sunburned skin.

STAY AWAY from invasive treatments like lasers and chemical peels during the summer months. Sun exposure during the skin’s healing process from such treatments is harmful. It can damage your skin and cause hyperpigmentation.

SPOIL YOUR SKIN AT NIGHT. Because we NEED to use a ton of sunscreen during the day (not allowing for a lot of other good active ingredients) it’s a great idea to treat your skin well at night. For examples, incorporate one of the following at night: Peptides, EGF’s, gentle retinols, gentle acids, vitamin, C, E, F etc. (Not all at once!) That way, you’ll keep your skin active and happy during the summer.

My favorite summer products:

Bio-Cell Face Wrap (masks) $75
These are super hydrating, cooling, healing and brightening for the skin. Please allow a full 20-25 minutes for the sheet mask to process. Result is AMAZING!

Green Tea Boost $49
Great antioxidant spray on the go. Super hydrating and refreshing. Can be used on the beach too to be sprayed over makeup or over SPF as well. Or can be used before applying serum and SPF too as a toner.

Juicy Mandarin Sorbet exfoliant $52
My all time favorite facial scrub. Great year round for clear, beautiful and happy skin. Use twice a week.

Precious Crystal Water 3-in-1 Cleanser. $79
Great as a second cleanse to remove any stubborn SPF residue. LOVE the smell and feel of this cleanser/toner/serum in one. Easy!

Precious Diamond Drop serum $125
Perfect serum to layer (under) your sunscreen. Super hydrating with the perfect mix of hyaluronic acid and anti-aging peptides.