Hanne's Winter Favorites

Winter Skin  

This time of year can be extra tough on the skin due to the fact that it's cold (and usually dry) outside and the skin is trying to adjust to the colder temperatures. In the meantime, we keep our homes warm and cosy (and also dry typically) so the skin never gets a break trying to adapt.

It's the perfect time to get hydrating and nourishing facials and switch out or add extra products to your skin care routine at home. Be careful adding moisturizers that contain too much water if you live in an area where it gets below freezing a lot. That will make your skin extra sensitive. It's better to add products that are a bit more protective and nourishing. Something containing healing oils that can put up a protective barrier on the skin. Don't forget entirely about the water-based products though.

It's all about the balance and your skin definitely can benefit from hydrating products during the winter season as well. Add those at night, like a hydrating mask, or a hyaluronic acid based serum (and/or moisturiser)

The winter time too, is a great time to use targeted treatment cure products, with ingredients like Alpha Hydroxy Acid to really exfoliate the skin in depth or targeted products to treat hyperpigmented skin. 
Use this time of year to really cozy up and treat yourself. Do a weekly "spa day" at home. (And no, I don't mean an actual full day here). Just spend a little extra time, exfoliating, masking up and taking extra time with some self care.
My winter favorites include:
I love using this mask during the winter as my exfoliator. It gets the job done and then some. I feel and see the result of it for days after use and I absolutely love the glow that it gives. I use it in the evening on clean dry skin and leave it on for 10 minutes. After removal, the skin is rosy and feels "exercised" in a good way.I follow with a mix of serum and oil and then either a hydrating mask that I can leave on overnight, or a very rich moisturizer.
This mask is so incredibly smooth and beyond luxurious. It literally has the most silky texture ever and a heavenly scent. apply it as your last step, before going to bed. I recommend applying it at least an hour before actual bedtime due to the silky texture not only ending up on your pillow. I feel like I've had a facial when I wake up the next morning after using this mask during the night. WIN!
This product is outstanding in every way! It will simply transform your skin from dull, dry and grey looking to soft glowy and fresh looking. Excellent to use before applying masks, oils and serums. Use this twice a week to achieve a more even looking complexion and glowy, hydrated skin. 
GREAT winter cream for your skin to use either morning and/or night. This cream works as a perfect winter barrier cream to prevent the cold, frosty air from damaging your skin or drying it out. If applied at night, it will heal and repair the skin tremendously. Win Win!
I can never get enough of this! I use it in my smoothies as well! Yes, you heard right: This amazing product is so clean that it can be used either in a glass of  water or in your smoothie.  Use just a couple of drops. And/or, it can be used directly on your skin alone at night or under your moisturizer for daytime use too. I love to mix it with my serums as well. It works wonders for sensitive skin types or can be used by all skin types in the winter months to protect and heal the skin from winter dryness.