All About Clean Skin

Clean Skin

The secret to clean skin (the healthy, glowy way)

It starts with clean skin. Simply the number one important step to clean, healthy, beautiful, younger looking skin. 
Clean your skin by working WITH it and not against it by stripping it harshly from it's natural barrier and protection. Don't use ingredients like alcohol and sulfates if you want to clean your skin the healthy way. 
The most important time to clean your skin is in the evening before bedtime. "Take off the day" like I usually tell my clients. If you wear makeup or if you wear sunscreen, it is important to clean your skin twice. First clean off the makeup and/or sunscreen and then clean a second time to really clean your skin in debt. Let your cleanser just sit on your skin while brushing your teeth for instance. Then thoroughly remove the cleanser with sponges or a washcloth. 
Switch cleanser according to the season and/or your skin condition or skin type. Don't use a cleansing gel made for oily skin if your skin is dry and sensitive. And if you are usually using a cleansing lotion/milk and love it, you might still start to feel extra dry/sensitive come winter and it might be time to switch to a cleansing cream or balm especially made for dry skin. 
It's a great idea to get a quarterly facial to get advice about exactly what your skin needs during the currant season. 
Cleaning your skin is the same as exercising your skin too. It promotes blood flow and helps the skin repair itself. 
Lastly, toners are NOT cleansers!! Toners are meant to close the pores and prepare the skin for further serums and/or moisturizers. If you only use a toner to "clean" your skin you'll create clogged pores and dry dull skin. 
Get glowing!